The Leigh Bell-Ringers
The bell-ringers of St Bartholomew's Church practise each week on Thursdays (7.30pm to 9.00pm).  Bell-ringing is a way to meet people from every walk of life and is suitable for anyone from ten to ninety years old.  One does not have to be musical, though a sense of rhythm is helpful.   As far as is known, we, in Leigh, are the only bell-ringers in the world who ring from a tiered gallery, standing on the pews.

Ringing for the "midnight" service - Christmas 2004
Taking part in the ringing for the midnight service were:  AVH on the Treble, AG on 2, HVH on 3, AG on 4, GG on 5 and LB on Tenor.



 The bell ringers' web page is:-
and has a contact email address.  Alternatively see the Leigh Post or the notice in the Church.  If you are interested or just curious drop in on a Thursday evening.

Young Bell-Ringers
Young bell-ringers are always welcome, those aged 10 or more tend to learn quickly.

Usually the young bell-ringers begin by coming on Thursdays, 7-8pm.  It is a sign of progress when they are able to join in Sunday ringing and then for weddings.  Several young ringers have learnt bell-ringing as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Contact informationThe Leigh Post or the notice in St Bartholomew's Church.