Some useful contacts and web sites:    
  Mole Valley District Council 01306 885001  
  Reigate and Banstead Borough CC  01737 276000  
  Surrey County Council 02085 418800  
  Mole Valley MP: Sir Paul Beresford MP 02072 195018    
  Surrey County Councillor: Mrs Helyn Clack 01293 862221  
  Local District Councillors:      
      Mrs Mary Huggins
01306 712303  
      Mrs Corinna Osborn-Patterson 01293 871547  
  Horley Town Council  
  Crawley Borough Council  
  Horsham District Council  
  Betchworth Village Website  
  Buckland Village website  
  Newdigate Village website  
  Headley Village website  
  Capel Village website  
  Brockham Village website:  
  Brockham Village website:  
  Other Contacts      
  Gatwick noise  
  Abandoned cars  
  Flood Alert - with map on web site  
  Crime Stoppers 0800 555111    
  Local Police Click on link: ..\..\services\security\SECURITY.HTM  
  Police non emergency 0845 1252222  
  East Surrey Domestic Violence Forum 01737 771350    
  Graffiti - Mole Valley District Council