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Leigh Heritage

Leigh Heritage was set up as a response to the five-yearly (Quinquennial) inspection of our beautiful church of St Bartholomew, which was beginning to suffer from neglect and decay.

The Quinquennial outlined a number of tasks which needed to be completed to restore it to its former glory, including replacement of the wooden shingles and repairs to the oak louvres on the spire, and repair and replacement of the eroded soft Reigate stone on the west entrance.

St Barts sunny day photo

The Aim of Leigh Heritage is:

“To conserve, restore and improve St Bartholomew’s Church, its associated land and structures, to allow it to grow at the heart of the Leigh community”

To that end a series of events and activities have been used to raise funding, and this has already contributed significantly towards the costs of the restoration, which was completed in the New Year of 2020. Fund raising continues, and will fund improvements which are intended to restore the church not just for worshippers, but also to put it firmly at the heart of the Leigh community.