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Leigh Apple Press

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A group of local people in and around Leigh in Surrey: Charlotte Kinloch, Robin Worth, Paul Wilkinson, Simon Ames, and Adria Kinloch have got together to organise a local apple pressing day and food festival to make use of surplus apples and support local businesses.

The Leigh Parish Council and Leigh & District Cottage Garden Society have kindly contributed the funds to purchase a macerator and apple press for local use. Leigh is an historic apple producing area and many people have fruit which goes to waste. Pressing fruit in this way produces juice which is fantastic for drinking or cider making!

Local people with apples can bring them along for us to press, we can then bottle it in plastic containers for freezing (keeps for up to 3 months), or if people wish to make their own cider they can bring their own containers. People with no apples can buy the juice. We will be charging a small fee to cover costs.

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Alongside this:

  • Sarah from The Plough will be selling goat burgers from our local goat farm – Oakleigh Garden Farm (and beefburgers!),
  • Local food producers selling honey, bread, eggs, cakes and jams.
  • Information on how to make cider and organisations that make use of people‚Äôs surplus apples.
  • Activities for children.

The 2021 event will be taking place on Saturday September 25th from 10am – 3pm at the Plough. Please come to support and enjoy this great community event.

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