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A History of Leigh by Harriet Hall

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A History of Leigh tells the story of Leigh from the bronze age to the present day and gives a sense of the ways in which life in this area has changed over time.

It is true that there are no dramatic events in Leigh of the sort that excite the national news or make the grander history books, but this is a story of people surviving and making a living while struggling with poor land, patchy seigneurial support, and poverty. A community that survived to become self-sufficient and to create lasting, sustaining institutions.

A History of Leigh is written by Harriet Hall using information gathered as part of her MA in local history and collected by a number of local residents. Harriet lived in Leigh for twelve years, sitting on Leigh Parish Council for seven of them. She now lives near family in South Wales.
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With colour illustrations
Published by Leigh History Group with grateful thanks for funding from Leigh Parish Council

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